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During the Coronavirus pandemic we all want to help. This is my poem, entitled If only. It's already had a wonderful response. Thank you for listening.


The Wayfarer's Journey Book Series


Thank you so much for visiting my website.

My name is Abi. I write fantasy fiction, poetry, and screenplays. I also co-host the Creator Chaos podcast with these fabulous guys: Peter James Martin, Kelvin Rodrigues, Peter Hartog, and Zack Brooks.  

People often ask me why I write. The answer is simple: because it makes me happy!

I always wanted to become a published author, and what started off as a small girls dream, has now become a grown woman's reality.

I'm excited to show you what I can do! So, please feel free to explore through the pages.

I have many projects on the go right now, and if you'd like to get in touch with me, please sign up to my reader list.

Here's my latest poem, which I've now chosen to use in my self-promotion. I think it sums me up well!

A R Pearson

She's an author, mother, poet, carer

Podcaster, fundraiser, tips and tricks sharer.

Loves musicals, chocolate, the colour blue

And meeting new people to chat away too.

She won the 2019 NaNoWriMo

Give her a challenge, she'll never say no!

Welcome to my author journey. I hope you have as much fun reading all about it, as I did writing it down!

Two published books.

A new poetry book on the way.

A screenplay in motion.

A podcast full of crazy fun to delight your ears.


My Poetry

A Fundraising Project

Before I became  published as a fantasy fiction author, I was a published poet.

In 2019, I decided I wanted to use my poetry exclusively to benefit a charity that I supported.

I had a small number of my published poetry books  given to me for free,  and I began to sell these at events to raise funds for Cheshire and Warrington Carer's Trust.

There were other charities I wanted to support too, so I decided I would rewrite my poetry into volumes and dedicate each one to a specific charity.

Each book is to have twenty poems, nineteen of which will be exclusive to that volume. 

The book title will remain as Through My Eyes, and have matching cover art, but each volume would be identified by a specific coloured title font, and exclusive charity information page. 

Above it the completed cover. Volume One is almost ready to go.

I'll keep you posted on the project as it moves along. 

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